Birding in Altos del Maria
Altos del Maria is a gated mountain community in Panama.
Note: Access is restricted to residents and their guests!
Altos del Maria is about 100km west of Panama city, next to the city of Sora.
Beautiful living surrounded with forests, mountains, rivers and nature trails.
Altos del Maria is one of the best birding spots in Panama.
Very comfortable temperatures: Day: 24 to 28C, Night: 20 to 22C.
Altitude from 500 to 1100m.
Best time to visit: Mid December to September, from January to April there is basically no rain.
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looking south towards the Picacho
mountain in the background.
Altos del Maria is spread over
100s of acres in this valley
Below: View towards the south with
the Pacific Ocean in the
background, altitude at 1000m.
Above: Pictures from the top of the mountain at 1100m.  Very humid rain forest at this altitude, the trees are full of mosses and bromelias.
Note: Over 300 Bird
Species seen in
Altos del Maria
Snowcap in Altos del Maria
Hard to find but seen regularly above 900m
Top: View from the lookout
tower at 1100m towards
the Caribbean Sea
Right: Many kilometers of
cement trails along rivers
and up the mountain valleys.
Left: Lake Bonito at 900m
Birding Report from Altos del Maria
A day birding in Altos del Maria with Josh Vandermeulen,
Steve Pike and Dave Bell.
See Blog from Josh Vandermeulen from March 4, 2014
Panama - day 5 (March 4, 2014 - Altos del Maria)
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